Friday, January 22, 2010

Just a quick status update

Just posting to tell that I've been busy in my private life and haven't had time to write blog posts here. I've been playing some, but mostly I've been balancing work and family life and have been trying to get enough sleep too.

I've been in contact with a local player, a top-ranked Finnish pool player, and he's agreed to give me private technique coaching sessions. (For his hourly rate.) It took some time to build up a courage to ask coaching sessions, but I'm really glad that I did manage to ask. I will have more to say on this when we arrange the sessions.

I have some plans on longer articles on various pool-related things that have been on my mind. For example, I've been planning to write about the effect of sleep on the practice of motor skills. Short summary: current research has shown that sleep is absolutely essential to most forms of learning, particularly motor learning. But more about that later.